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Every now and then, we fall in love with an artist whose artwork touches our soul and moves our spirit. Paul Brent has had that impact on you or someone you love and is proud to offer it beautifully framed, expertly canvassed and professionally finished. Our online Art store has the best of Paul Brent's art prints and yet, is always adding to the collection. Although these are not Paul Brent's original art paintings, we have done our best to re-create their canvas art, keeping your price so affordable, while maintaining the highest quality in custom framed Art.

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Paul Brent is an American artist born in Oklahoma City in 1946. Paul attended California State University as an art major, but  would eventually change his major to architecture. Upon completion of school, Paul Brent enlisted in the air force. During his time in the air force, he would find himself visiting many tropical coastal areas, acting as a source of inspiration for his developing talents in visual arts. Upon completing his tour of duty, Paul Brent began acquired his masters in architecture.

Paul Brent eventually moved to Panama City, Florida where he worked designing homes and pursuing his interest in visual art. Through the encouragement from a friend who owned a local art gallery, Paul began exhibiting and selling his works. As the years went on, Paul Brent’s work began to gain national and international recognition and soon found a demand for his paintings.

Paul Brent’s art style is characterized by the heavy use of watercolours, while typically painting coastal settings. Throughout his career as a visual artist, his style has evolved to more complex uses of watercolours and eventually oils. Regardless, his style has still retained the images of the breezy, coastal locales he has lived for most of his life. is recognizing the ‘cool and breezy’ style of Paul Brent by offering a host of Paul Brent art prints. Each Paul Brent print has been carefully framed, matted and finished with a faux-canvas treatment to replicate the look and feel of a real canvas. We guarantee that you can find the right Paul Brent art print for any design style you may be after.

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