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Look at Our Great Collection of Prints of Chris Consani Paintings

Chris Consani is a Canadian art director and painter from Ottawa, Ontario. Showing considerable artistic capability from a young age, he would eventually move to California where he would attend Art Center College of Design and put his inherent artistic talent to work. After completing school, he would come to work as an art director, making movie posters, designing album covers and various other forms of visual design. Through this, Chris Consani came to be well known for his paintings which typically relate to pop culture; usually of “Golden Age Hollywood” American icons.

If you at all harbor nostalgic feelings for the Golden Age of American cinema or the Glory Days of Rock and Roll music, Chris Consani’s vintage style art work is undoubtedly for you! In his paintings, artist Chris Consani often depicts famous American icons with a particular affinity towards Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis and Humphrey Bogart. For example in his work, "Blue Plate Special" you will find this quartet eating in a retro diner and in "Four of a Kind" you will see them in the middle of a game of Poker.

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