Aaron Christensen
Cosmopolitan Size: 13.50" x 13.50"
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Happy Hour
Aaron Christensen
Happy Hour Size: 13.50" x 13.50"
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This fine framed artwork has a faux canvas treatment, recreating the original canvas look, then mounted onto a durable plaque and finished in an ultra modern black, 1.0" wide x 1.0" deep frame.
The size dimensions for each picture are the OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS. (The frame is included). 



Just got the pictures that I ordered and they look incredible! Better than I thought they would to be honest, the frames are beautiful and solid, much more refined than I had thought they may be. I can't get over the quality of the picture either, the matting is just stunningly done. I will definitely be coming back to look for some other pieces. Thanks again!!

- Trevor, West Virginia


If we had a dollar for every time we heard this question, we could feed a small country! The answer is easy: Option a) one single very large piece. b) 3 matching squares or c) 2 large rectangular matching pieces with one piece cut in half and placed on either side of the rectangle. See our Framed Art Sets to get an idea of this (and this option is my personal favorite!).


Aaron Christensen - What Inspires Me: I enjoy seeking out memorabilia and ephemera that have survived their intended use and show the ravages of time. Quite often it is an old advertisment, package or product of pop culture. Their time worn patinas of rust, oxidation, crackling and distress from use are treasures to me. Those terms that are often associated as negatives are actually terms of endearment for me, when it comes to inspiration. I find that corrosion, fading, yellowing, flaking, peeling and verdigris provide me with the recipe for character I often integrate into my work. The most obscure items often bring me the greatest joy. A true vintage treasure would be an item that integrates creative text, cultural icons and dynamic colors. If an oversized item, like and old billboard, building or industrial surface catches my eye, I try to document it with pictures and analyze its distress for re-creation and future inspiration. With such archaic interests, my eclectic collections have turned my studio into a combination of pop culture museum, flea market and laboratory. Process and Medium: My interest in time worn imagery influences my work. The process, in which I re-create them is not limited to one formulation or procedure. I utilize mixed media, various paint formulas, resists and abrasives to reveal the character within my work.