Dryin the Dishes
Dryin the Dishes    

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Size: 35.00" x 30.00"
Regular: $599.96 Only: $299.98

Blending Japanese anime, folk art and representational styles to bring them to life, Canadian artist Angelina Wrona has created her collection, which she affectionately calls the "Senta-Mental Dolls". This fine framed artwork has a faux canvas treatment, recreating the original canvas look, then mounted onto a durable plaque and finished in a stunning, contemporary 2.75" mat black frame with a smooth finish and complimented with a textured white-speckled mat, creating an upscale appearance and added value.
The size dimensions for each picture are the OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS. (The frame is included). 



I am so thrilled with the framed set of floral art that I received today! The canvas texture made the art look so real and the frame is gorgeous. It was better than I imagined! I was worried about ordering online, but not anymore. Thank you for doing such a great job...I love my framed art sets!

- Jennifer M., Worcester, Mass.


How High Should I Hang Art? Art is very personal, but there is 1 rule that everyone should abide by. NEVER LOOK UP TO SEE YOUR ART! Even though there are many variations in height (so whose eye level are we talking about) simply use this calculation: Measure approximately 58" from the floor to the MIDDLE of the artwork and that is where you should hang your Art. What happens if you're hanging it above furniture (like a couch or buffet)? It should only be approximately 6" above the furniture. Let's keep in mind that in many your rooms, you are sitting. So, it's perfectly fine for your art to be lower, rather than higher up on the wall. No matter how high your ceilings are, you never want to "crane" your neck to see your art.


Angelina Wrona has been experimenting with various styles and media in her art for years. Earlier realist and folk art was rewarding yet not completely satisfying as darker, interesting and more peculiar ideas were beginning to form. Never interested in abstract art, her first exposure to Juxtapoz magazine was like opening a door to the art world of her dreams. The inspiration from this pop surrealist, exciting and vibrant art world so casually referred to as Lowbrow served as a catalyst for her developing style. She began to realize and combine her delicate, dark subjects with surreal twists and ideas. Blending Japanese anime, folk art and representational styles to bring them to life, Angelina has created her collection, which she affectionately calls the “Senta-Mental Dolls”. The twisted fairy tales the dolls inhabit are conjured up in the 19th century home in Merrickville, Ontario where she lives with her husband and their two beautiful daughters, who are a constant source of inspiration.