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Salvador Dali was an extremely well known Spanish artist and occasional filmmaker, credited with pioneering cubist, Dadaist, and surrealist art styles. Born on May 11th, 1904 he began to foster his artistic talent in his early teenage years when he attended drawing school. When he was only 16, his mother died of breast cancer, leaving a lasting impression on the young artist.

In 1922 he moved to Madrid where he attended a fine arts school, from which he was expelled for degrading the teaching staff. However, his masterful paintings earned Salvador Dali a considerable amount of attention and praise from fellow students, experimenting with various styles. In 1928, Salvador Dali travelled to Paris and established himself on the forefront of the Surrealist movement. Also in this time, Dali would meet his life-long lover Gala, who would act as a major source of inspiration for the artist.

In the 1930’s, Salvador Dali moved to New York, where through self-promotion, put on a number of spectacular exhibits, gaining international notoriety. After World War II Salvador Dali would split his time between living in Europe and America, and significantly changed the tone of some of his artwork, painting a series of works pertaining to science and history. is complimenting the achievements of Salvador Dali and his multi-faceted artwork by offering a collection of Salvador Dali art prints. Each Salvador Dali print is specially framed, matted and finished with a faux-canvas treatment, recreating the look and feel of the original canvas. If Dali’s work stimulates you, we strongly advise you to take a look at our gallery of Salvador Dali art prints. Our Salvador Dali prints are priced starting from as low as $49.98.

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