Decorating is Easy & Affordable with Matching Sets of Art Prints!

Many artists create twin Art sets because it makes decorating so easy. Wall Art sets are so versatile, whether you hang the prints on separate walls or side by side. The framed Art twins enhance your space by creating a sense of uniformity, allowing you to bring out your desired theme or colour scheme more completely. The trend for hanging matching sets of Art is so popular, that we’ve amassed hundreds of styles and reduced our price drastically, so you save big when you buy the set.

Framed Art print sets are available in many different colors and art styles, ranging from floral to abstractbathroom art to kids room art. With so many different sizes to choose from, you can find any size wall to hang your twin wall Art prints.

Each of our matching Art print sets is masterfully framed and professionally finished in a faux canvas treatment, which gives your print the texture of a real canvas; all at an unbeatable price! In fact, has the lowest online prices, guaranteed.

To order your framed Art print sets today, contact us at 1-877-480-7189. If the frame that our designers have chosen does not match your décor, we will gladly change the frame, simply call or email us at: with your frame choice.