Is there a cost to changing a frame?
Absolutely not! However, if there is no frame alternative suggested than we are unable to change the frame for 2 reasons: the art is on sale because of that particular frame or the framed art is manufactured specifically with that type of frame.
Do you ever ship glass or acrylic?
Actually, we never ship glass and yes, we can ship acrylic if you request it. However, our process is to manufacturer Framed Art using a canvas transfer treatment. It is 10 mm thick, which prevents fading and scratches. We've been using this for 20 years and it adds a beautiful finish to the artwork or photograph.
What if I am not sure whether or not the artwork will match my decor?
We have in-house Designers who will gladly work with you. Simply email a photo of the room you want to hang the Framed Art and specifically, the wall. We will help you to make the right choice!
What if there is a print or poster then I'm interested in, but you don't have it on your website?
There are many images that we are still in the process of uploading. We probably have it in stock! Please email us the name of the artist or the print name (or even a description of it) and we will frame it for the frame of your choice!
Do you ship Internationally (outside of North America)?
Unfortunately, due to the high costs of shipping, we are unable at this time to ship orders outside of the United States and Canada.
Any Other Questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact us at: We will have an answer for you within hours. We’re more than happy to help!