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Displaying 1 to 60 of 139 results

Photo of Angelina Wrona

Angelina Wrona Art Prints & Posters are all here! is thrilled to have the Angelina Wrona Art collection. At these prices, people are always asking it actually canvassed, matted and framed? Yes! We only offer artwork that has been professionally finished and ready-to-hang on your walls. Angelina Wrona framed art will never bore you. In fact, if you're like many young women, you will start collecting Angelina Wrona art prints. Maybe that's why we have such a large selection ourselves! We love her daring depictions of young girls (and Xavier) and look forward to each new artwork that Angelina Wrona offers us.

The Original Art of Angelina Wrona

Angelina Wrona, from Merrickville, Ontario, has found considerable success with her own unique style of art. Angelina Wrona’s art began by creating a universe of complex and dark characters which were infused with surreal ideas and twists. She eventually came to develop her collection, which she refers to as the “Senta-Mental-Dolls”. Angelina Wrona’s art is a blend of Japanese anime and folk art with an interesting and bizarre fairy-tale flair that she has masterfully crafted.

If you find Angelina Wrona’s art as fascinating as we do, we encourage you to contact us either online or via telephone at 1-877-480-7189 and order your Angelina Wrona framed art prints today! Angelina Wrona framed, canvas art starts at $49.98 and we ship anywhere in North America. 

If the Angeline Wrona Art print that you are looking for is not shown in our Gallery OR the size that you are looking for is not here, we will gladly contact Angelina Wrona's publisher and order it.

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