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Great Collection of Signed, Limited Edition David Cowles Prints

David Cowles was born in Rochester, N.Y. on November 3, 1961. His career in the arts essentially began the day he was born, as both of his parent’s careers were associated with the arts. His father was a Professor of Ceramics at RIT and his mother was a manager at an arts and crafts oriented Rochester gift shop. Graduating from high school in 1979 and heavily interested in art, David Cowles went on to audit courses in local colleges for a few years, but began his ‘real education' when he managed to land a job at the Democrat and Chronicle in 1983, a prominent newspaper in Rochester. By 1991, Cowles left the paper to work freelance.

Photo of David Cowles

By this time, David Cowles had garnered a significant amount of attention due to his very unique art style. His art style primarily consists of elements of expressionist art, often with traces ofcubism done in somewhat of a comic bookish style. He has gained particular notoriety for his pop-culture inspired caricatures of celebrities and politicians, with his works making appearances in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vanity Fair and Time, among many other publications! is very excited to introduce a huge collection of Limited Edition David Cowles art prints. Each David Cowles print has been professionally framed and finished with a faux canvas treatment, emulating the texture of the original canvas. Additionally, each David Cowles print, being Limited Edition, is signed by David Cowles himself, making these art prints a real collector’s item! Browse through our gallery of David Cowles print, we guarantee you will find the perfect celebrity caricature for your home (or loft) or office.

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